Engaging the New Testament: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

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  1. About Christology and Scripture
  3. Christology and Scripture

During our time in New York, we will have conversations with fascinating people, experience excellent art and architecture, discuss insightful readings, explore the city, and reflect on life's deepest questions. Offered Jan term, odd years in New York City. Students will examine the communication modes of allegory, colloquy, correspondence, biography and autobiography used by the authors under consideration. TH History and Theology of Worship 3 History and theology of the practice of corporate worship and the role of music in worship from the Old Testament to the present. Particular emphasis will be placed on the evolving role of congregational song in worship.

TH Seminar on Early Christianity 3 A careful study of primary source texts from the early Christian period, including Irenaeus, Origen, and Eusebius, which will culminate in a major research paper. Fall semester, odd years. TH Christianity in Britain Preparation 1 A prerequisite to the Christianity in Britain Jan Term Study Program, this one-credit course consists of seven class sessions comprised of overview lectures, intercultural awareness training, and reading assignments that will introduce students to the course material and prepare them to travel throughout England and Scotland.

An intensive course. Prerequisite: TH Spring semester, even years. Writing intensive. Also listed as EMS W. TH History of Christianity II 3 The history, thought, and practice of Christianity from the beginning of the Reformation to the present, with special emphasis on the major reformation, renewal and revival movements that have shaped the modern church. TH W History of Christianity II 3 The history, thought, and practice of Christianity from the beginning of the Reformation to the present, with special emphasis on the major reformation, renewal and revival movements that have shaped the modern church.

TH The Global Christian Movement 3 An introduction to the history of the worldwide Christian movement, the lives of well-known missionaries both Western and non-Western , different mission organizations, recent mission trends, problems of cultural adaptation, growing persecution, and the creative ways Christians are bearing witness all over the world. Students will have an opportunity to explore their own interests.

Jan Term, Odd Years. TH Cross-Cultural Ministry 3 An introduction to theoretical and practical dimensions of effective cross-cultural communication and ministry. Those planning to work in another culture on a short- or long-term basis will acquire a "tool kit" designed to help them enter, adjust, and thrive in another cultural setting.

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  • Dirty Little Secrets: A J.J. Graves Mystery (J.J. Graves Mysteries Book 1);

TH Greek Reading and Exegesis I 3 This course develops proficiency in the grammar and vocabulary of Koine Greek through the reading of a variety of Greek texts, particularly in the New Testament, and it introduces students to the fundamentals of New Testament exegesis. TH Religion in American Public Life 3 The major themes, movements, problems, people and institutions in American Christian history, with emphasis on the public practice of the Christian faith.

TH Old Testament Theology 3 The content and theology of the Old Testament in light of its literary, historical and religious background, with a view to gaining a good working knowledge of the Old Testament. This course is designed for Theology majors. Non-majors are encouraged to take TH Introduction to the Old Testament, though any student who has completed another theology course is welcome.

TH Youth Ministry 3 An introduction to the theology of youth ministry; different approaches and models for reaching teens; understanding adolescents in their various cultures; the structures and institutions that affect youth; development and management of youth programs; basic principles and skills necessary for reaching youth both within and outside the church. TH Theology of Ministry An exploration of ministry that is biblically informed and culturally relevant.

Capstone course for the Certification program. By permission only. Most often taken in conjunction with TH , but not required. Reading and exegesis of selected narratives of the Hebrew Bible Old Testament. This course introduces students to the historical, cultural, and religious dimensions of the Holy Land and prepares them to engage with these dimensions once on site.

About Christology and Scripture

We visit sites considered holy to each of the above religions, engage with the people of the land, and wrestle with the way in which Western theology and politics have influenced these ancient Eastern cultures and religions. Our focus is on the history of the land and its people from Ancient Mesopotamia BCE until today, with specific emphasis on the timelines of the biblical narrative and the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

TH Gender Theologies 3 This course invites students into an appreciative and critical dialogue with a broad spectrum of contemporary feminist theologies as they reflect on the classical themes of Christian theology such as God, Christ, creation, human nature, sin and grace, church, spirituality, ministry and ethics.

Overview: New Testament

TH Old Testament Prophets 3 A study of the theologies of the prophets of the Old Testament in light of their historical settings, Biblical Theology, and their relevance for today. TH Psalms 3 A comprehensive introduction to theological exegesis of the biblical psalms, including those preserved in the Old and New Testament narratives. Special attention is given to the Psalter as a guide to authentic spirituality.

Students also study Ancient and Byzantine art, Eastern Orthodoxy, the Ottoman Empire, the rise of modern Greece, and the landscape, natural history, culture and politics of the country. Attention will be given to the core content of each doctrine, the coherence of the doctrines with one another, and the practical relevance of these doctrines to the lives of students. It highlights how the Divine Creator and Redeemer works for the full restoration of male and female, whether in married or single life, from broken existence into the true image of God in Jesus Christ.

Also listed as WGS Fall and spring semester. TH Monasticism: Old and New 3 An exploration of monasticism, its genesis, history, theology, and practices, as well as how the model of monasticism might be applicable to various Christian communities today, including the family. At Tall Timber Ranch in the Cascades. TH Christianity in Britain 4 A study of the origins and development of the Christian church in Britain, covering major historical figures and religious movements from the arrival of the earliest Christian missionaries to today, and visiting important historical, church and cultural sites in England and Scotland.

Satisfies general education Global Perspectives or Humanities requirement. Jan Term, odd years. A study of the religious influence on the development of each country and the current state of the church in Central America.


Spring semester, every third year. After surveying the so-called rediscovery of the Trinity in the 20th century, we will explore the biblical foundations of the doctrine, its historical development, and several recent attempts to relate the Trinity to topics like pastoral ministry, human personhood, worship, and interreligious dialogue. TH Interpreting Scripture 3 This course enables students to develop skills for interpreting Scripture, exploring the ways in which Scripture has been read in various times and places, introducing hermeneutical theories concerning its meaning and significance, and providing practical tools.

TH Science and Faith 3 An introduction to relationship between science and Christian faith as potentially complimentary ways of knowing, with a focus on questions that contemporary scientific interpretations of reality raise for biblical faith and questions that biblical faith raises for the understanding and application of science. TH World Religions 3 A study of the primary non-Christian religions of the world, with special emphasis on the beliefs and practices of those religions. We will interact with their thought by utilizing various sources, such as biographies, theological treatises, sermons, and other materials, seeking to understand their relevance to cultures past and present.

Specifically, it will examine their penetrating attacks on religion and the church, as well as their brilliant and timely suggestions for what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to be the church in a context that is no longer predominantly Christian. For the last two millennia Christians have struggled to understand and respond to this central mystery, and in this seminar we will join that ongoing conversation. We will orient ourselves around a single question, "Who is Jesus Christ? TH Soul Care Through Life Stages 3 This course considers the human developmental stages across the entire life span, with special emphasis on the nurture of the spiritual life through their various seasons of life.

Students will examine biblical, theological, psychological, and spiritual issues in the life cycle, especially as these issues relate to ministry.

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Periodic Offering. TH Theology and Culture 3 "Theology and Culture" begins with the Reformation period and explores how the Christian community has experienced the challenges of modernity, political theologies, ecumenism, postmodernity and the "new" atheism.

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  6. It focuses on how, in the face of these challenges, the Church has shaped the culture, and how the culture has shaped the Church. TH Theology in the Public Square 3 With Christendom now behind us, the American church has been given an urgent and exciting opportunity to re-think its presence in the public square.

    Christology and Scripture

    The purpose of this course, then, is to explore the uniqueness of the gospel. We will consider a Christian approach to human life and dignity; to community and its barriers; to excellent work and the freedom of genuine play. Our goal is to gain a fresh appreciation for the creative and unexpected ways that the gospel illumines our world. Through both formal training and direct ministry experience, students will learn and reflect upon how to effectively carry out excellent YL ministry with kids.

    Students can take course for a maximum of 2 credits per year. Instructor permission required. TH Campus Ministry 2 Designed to explore all aspects of campus-based ministry, including developing a philosophy of ministry, designing and implementing a strategy for leadership development, and the principles and skills necessary to cultivate a sustainable approach to leadership in ministry.

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    TH The Bible and Outsiders 3 The United States as a melting pot is considered beautiful to some and reproachful to others, with confessing Christians casting their vote on both ends of the spectrum. Those who constitute the melting pot are considered by many in America as 'outsiders'-those who do not belong. Other 'outsiders' include the poor, refugees, women, the incarcerated, those disabled or mentally ill, those caught in forms of modern-day slavery, and religious and ethnic minorities, to name just a few.

    What is the relationship between such 'outsiders' and the gospel of Christ, and what should be the relationship between such 'outsiders' and followers of Christ? This course will trace throughout the biblical narrative the ways in which God used such 'outsiders' to bring redemption to the world. We will discover in God's journey toward humanity and in Jesus's calling of humanity what should be humanity's vocational response toward one another, not least toward those considered 'outsiders'.

    This is a service-learning course, in which students will interact face-to-face on a regular basis with some of the most vulnerable people in Spokane. Due to the service-learning component and the fall-semester offering, this course is not recommended for Freshman. TH Readings TH Theologies in Dialogue 3 The course focuses on the dialogue between Catholic and Protestant theologies and fosters the quest for positive, balanced theological solutions.

    It strives for a common understanding of Scripture and Tradition, the Church and authority in the Church, Baptism and the Eucharist. TH Christian Spirituality 3 The history, theology and practice of spirituality, and its implications for life today as we worship, work, build friendships and play. Fall and Spring semesters.